Morgan has been writing songs and performing for over 25 years. With themes ranging from life, love, death, nature, politics, culture, people, and more, Morgan's music captures an honest perspective from one person in Appalachian America.   Morgan's debut album "BLOOD MOON" was released in late September 2015.  Morgan released a live album entitled, "Live 10/22/2016" in 2017.  In 2018, Morgan formed a new musical collective called Wildwood Franklin.  Releasing their single "American Trump Card" in fall of 2020.   Morgan is currently working on a new album that will be due out sometime in 2022, with the first single to be released this spring.  

Morgan is a singer songwriter, producer and educator from the Appalachian hills of Ohio. He has performed in many music projects throughout the years including Peach Melba and Blood Moon. His most recent project is a folk music collective called Wildwood Franklin.

The feels of Morgan's lyrics and sound convey a message of peace, truth and love. Morgan's music encapsulates the essence of the sound characterized as Americana.